September 23, 2019 | Estate & Trust Law |

Changes In The Wind for Retirement Benefits – Possible

By : Gene M. Carlino

Last spring the United States House of Representatives by an over whelming majority passed the most significant changes to the IRA/401(k) laws since their original passage in the mid 1970’s….

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| Business |

RI Creates New Tax Credit for Small Business Investment Companies

By : Joshua J. Butera

The Rhode Island General Assembly recently created a new program designed to promote private funding for Rhode Island small businesses. The program creates a tax credit for Small Business Investment…

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September 20, 2019 | Estate & Trust Law |

Estate Planning Ideas in a Low Interest Rate Environment

By : Jason S. Palmisano

With the Fed’s recent interest rate cut and more interest rate reductions likely on the way, this may be a good time to take advantage of the low interest rate…

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